Luyện nghe tiếng Anh Level 1 (Bài 1)

Todd: Hey, Shantel, what do you do on the weekend?

Shantel: On the weekend, I wake up and, first, I make breakfast.

Todd: Oh, what do you make?

Shantel: I like to make toast.

Todd: All right. I often eat toast, too.

Shantel: Do you put butter on your toast?

Todd: I do. I put butter and jam.

Shantel: Ew, I love butter and jam on my toast.

Todd: Do you eat cereal?

Shantel: No. I used to, but not anymore.

Todd: On the weekend, I don’t eat cereal. On the weekend, I cook a nice breakfast, but I eat cereal during the week. What else do you do on the weekend?

Shantel: Let’s see. After I eat breakfast, I clean the kitchen and make my bed. What about you?

Todd: I also clean my house. I clean my rooms. I vacuum. I wash the windows. I wash the dishes. I do my laundry. I do that on Saturday, but on Sunday, I have fun.

Shantel: What do you do for fun?

Todd: I go to the park. I play sports. I play soccer at the park. Sometimes, I ride my bike. Sometimes, I go hiking. I do lots on Sunday. On Sunday, I relax. I don’t study. I don’t work, and I don’t clean my house.

Shantel: Nice.

Todd: What do you do on Sunday?

Shantel: I also enjoy my time on Sunday. I really like to meet my friends and, sometimes, we go to festivals or visit new cities, and we eat a lot of really good food.

Todd: Oh, that sounds fun.

Shantel: Actually, we also really enjoy camping. Do you like camping?

Todd: I love camping. I love the outdoors. I go hiking often.

Shantel: Oh, me, too.

Todd: Oh, that’s cool. What about Sunday evening?

Shantel: Oh, Sunday evening, I relax. I cook a big dinner, and I listen to music, and, sometimes, I read my book, but, often, I go to sleep very early on Sunday.

Todd: Oh, wow.

Shantel: And you?

Todd: Well, on Sunday, I don’t cook. I usually order food. I order pizza or maybe I eat at a restaurant, and then, later in the evening, on Sunday, I always watch TV. My favorite TV show is on Sunday night.

Shantel: What’s your favorite TV show?

Todd: My favorite TV show is called Billions.

Shantel: Billions?

Todd: Yeah. It’s about money and power in New York. It’s very interesting.

Shantel: Nice. Maybe I should watch it.

Todd: Oh, you should, but you go to bed early.

Shantel: Yes, around nine o’clock.

Todd: Oh, okay, maybe you can see it.

Shantel: Okay.


Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

Basic Verbs

Here are some basic ways to use verbs.


What do you eat for breakfast?
Where do you eat lunch?
When do you eat dinner?


eat toast and fruit.
work at home.
live near the station.


do not eat cereal.
do not work in town.
do not live by my work.

Negative Contraction

don’t eat cereal.
don’t work in town.
don’t live by my work.

Yes / No Questions

Do you eat at home?

Yes, I do. / Yes, I eat at home.
No, I don’t. / No, I don’t eat at home.


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