Why We Use Caricature & How to Make Caricature from Photo?

Have you ever imagined that you show yourself as an animate or cartoon figure on social media? Actually, caricature is like such a special fun art creating comic effects through exaggeration and distortion, What do you know about Caricature? What are your thoughts on how to make caricature of yourself without spending much time and money?

If you have no idea on the question, you will find the awesome answers from this article. In the following part, we are going to show the most important thing you are expected to know about caricature, and the useful and practical methods to turn photo to caricature. Here we go!

Why We Use Caricature & How to Make Caricature from Photo?

What Are The Uses of Portrait Caricatures?

 Creating a great caricature starts with deciding why you need one in the first place. A great caricature acts as a mirror for the reader. It makes them think deeply about the subject matter. A great caricature is purposeful and planned to make a point.

1. Caricature acts as a mirror for the society

In literature, good caricatures often focus on physical description, over-exaggerating appearance. But, unlike art, literature allows you to make a caricature out of behavior and personality traits too. Throughout history, many people have used caricature as a weapon to criticize society and express their deep thoughts on life.

2. Caricature Serve more of an entertainment function

Recent years, with the social media’s widely application, caricature becomes more important as an entertainment method to light up people’s life. There are plenty of topics about how to make caricature and best ways to turn photo to caricature. Caricature create much fun with its exaggeration and distortion features. Moreover, caricature is playing a role of the bridge of friendship. Uses use caricatures as personal social card and discuss funny things behind the their own caricatures.

What Kind of Photographs are Suitable for Caricature Making

Before you starting turning photo to caricature, you’d better do the following checks. After all, the quality of the original image has a direct impact on the final results.

Why We Use Caricature & How to Make Caricature from Photo?

– Selecting a proper face image as a fundamental material for caricature generation

– With a clear and brief background. No many patterns and decorated elements in background

– The appearance frame of the figure in photo is clear, completed

– Prefer a figure with dynamic expressions to calm and static state

– The face must be shown in its full glory. No hands or hair covers the face

– The figure object can be distinguished from the background easily

– Prepare a photo with high pixels that can guarantee the high quality of the generated work

If your photo is like what we described in the above section, you are sure to make caricatures with stunning and realistic effects.

The Benefits of Making Caricature Online:

Why there are more and more people seeking for plans of turning photo to caricature online, instead of hiring an artist or install some photo apps to finish the task? There are at least 3 benefits that you may enjoy while using online tools to make caricature from photo.

Why We Use Caricature & How to Make Caricature from Photo?

1. Save Memory on Your Phone & iPad

Using online software to make caricature from photo will be a smart way to help you save memory of your mobile devices like phone or iPad. As we know, installing lots of apps may take up much of the space and make the phone run slowly. Generally speaking, if an app is fully functional, it takes up more space. When it comes to how to make easy caricature, we usually recommend you enjoying that service online. Some software like Caricaturer.io, don’t requires download and installation. You can use them directly on your browsers.

2. Guarantee the Security of Personal Privacy

Most of time, before we enjoy the service of an photo editing app, we need to offer our basic information including name, phone number, and email. Besides, the majority of them require many permissions, for example, to open the camera and photo albums. How to avoid the risk of personal info leaked out? Don’t hesitate to make photo caricature online. Websites like Caricaturer.io never ask you to fill in forms that involves your privacy.

3. Online Caricature Maker is Easy to Use for Everyone

Unlike cartoon generating apps, online caricature is easier to use. I have typed the keywords “how to make caricature online” and tried top 10 free makers. I find that most of them are friendly to users: no complicated background setting, filter switching, paintbrush adjusting. You are able to make your own caricature via 3-5 simple steps. And the final work is amazing.

Best free websites to make picture caricature online:

1. Caricaturer.io

If you’re looking for the best Photoshop alternatives to make caricature in a easier way, Caricaturer.io is absolutely right for you.

Caricaturer.io is a popular online caricatures maker, supporting for both windows and mac platforms. Using AI technology, this website can quickly scan and analyze the facial features in the uploaded image. It can converts portrait to 64 cartoon effects without time delay. Besides, the site offers warm notifications service.

As long as you register an account and the system will send you emails whenever the conversion process done. Last but not least, Caricaturer.io supports downloading bulk caricatures at once. You won’t spend any money on this site but make caricatures from photos with privacy secured and quality guaranteed.

Why We Use Caricature & How to Make Caricature from Photo?

2. Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga is another useful website to make cartoon avatar for you and your friends. This support adding blemishes, third-eye, scars, moles, etc. You enable to choose the shape of your eyebrow. As it can be supported by many browsers, you can use it conveniently. The only downside is that you need to pay for Hi-res version.

Why We Use Caricature & How to Make Caricature from Photo?

3. Pick a Face

It is a really amazing site that makes your face cartoonize. To make a cartoon just click on the link, Select your language after reaching to the website and Click Create Avatar. At last select your face whether a boy or girl and start. You can also use Pick a Face to manage your avatar online and get more design features crafted for you. This site supports download Hi-Resolution of the generated effects without costing any money. If you are looking for a free web application to create a custom avatar, don’t miss Pick a Face.

Why We Use Caricature & How to Make Caricature from Photo?


In this article, we have discussed many things about caricature, and hope all the content helps you know this form of art. If you are interested in enjoying the fun of it, you can make caricature of yourself without any skills required. Online caricature makers like Caricaturer.io will definitely produce amazing works with exaggerated effects.

Come to make fun with caricature and boost your social media with stunning cartoon avatars and profiles. It may be the best way to help you win likes for your post and stimulate the engagement of your followers.

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